Director's Notes: TV Watching Me.

TV Watching Me was a labour of love, made solely for the edification and entertainment of the author, with the hopes that others might enjoy it too.

The primary goal of the project was to tell a story as simply as possible: with the fewest number of people, without elaborate sets or locaitons, and without a large crew. The fruits of this were many, including that the project became extremely "do-able" with no budget. And it forced the fledgling filmmaker to focus on simple content that could engage the viewer's mind. The end result is a project shot entirely in a living room, with 2 main characters, a green screen, and a lot of post work.

In order to save on resources, one of the primary actors is also the author - photographing himself - with the aid of an lcd viewfinder and a remote control.

Many thanks to George Crowley, who graciously gave two days out of his life to appear as the Announcer. His screen presence and poise makes the show compelling.

Taking a cue from Robert Rodriquez' "10 minute Film School" series, most props and equipment in this movie are "found art". The lighting was largely made with fluorescent fixtures and stands found at Home Depot. The microphone was purchased at Best Buy.

The show was shot on a Sony DSR-PDX10 - an entry-level DVCam camera - chosen for its ability to shoot digital in its natvie 16:9 format. The project was posted on a Macintosh, using Final Cut Pro. Slight mods were made to the overall feel of the final images of the digital film, to give them a film look. This was accomplished using Nattress Film Effects plug-ins for FCP.

The second goal of this film is to generate enough interest to make the next one.

Kevin Lojewski is the writer, producer, director, plays "Harry Bass", technical crew, score composer, and editor of TV Watching Me.